21st century adulting suffocates artful, unscripted living.


It just does.  And the hustle that creeps into the everyday leaves little room for making.  Making art, craft, poetry, community.

Despite the gnawing emptiness left in the wake of a too-busy life, cultivating artful living is an undeniable challenge.  

Which is why Make was founded - an online group designed to spark artful thinking & creative practice.  With weekly collective studio-time, Make invites you to bring yourself & your making supplies; that's it. Come frazzled or fine, inspired or empty, chatty or shy. 

Because sometimes we need a bit of accountability & a ready-made creative space.  🤍

Welcome to map inside out's...


Bring yourself & your making supplies.  That's it.

 Make is designed to:
  • Provide reliable, consistent creative time in your life
  • Spark creativity, ideas, connection, and work-flow
You will get:
  • Weekly time to make alongside other Creatives
  • Library of Art Therapy workbooks, used anytime to deepen personal growth & insight (if desired)
  • Carefully chosen, thought-provoking  audiobooks & podcasts played as we make
  • Updated library of book suggestions, articles, movies, podcasts, & talks that spark creative thinking & inspiration
  • A private FB group to share your work for feedback


Draw, paint, write, knit, crochet, sculpt, clay, daydream, or sketch your heart out.




Thoughtfully curated listening pleasures, chosen to spark life. 


Plenty of opportunities to share your work for feedback (if desired).


Give your mind the time & space it needs to craft new ideas & work.


This Art Therapist led group provides opportunity for as little or as much prompting for reflection as you desire.


Scheduling & showing up to this collective experience fosters commitment to the creative practice.

It’s Time To Say Yes to Your Creative Practice

With a come-as-you-are group mentality & a common understanding that making needs to happen, even if squeezed into the cracks - this group is a safe place to settle in, breathe deep & nurture that part of you seeking beauty & craft. 
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Welcome to Make

Hello! I'm Kathryn, and like most of you, my hat collection is sizable.  I'm a parent, spouse, business owner, pet mom, Art Therapist, friend, creative maker of things, household organizer, adventure planner, ritual maker, tongue biter, household accountant, family calendar keeper, & due to said list, wine club member. 

I'm the first to admit that I've found my creative energy flattened over the years as I drift in & out of carving time to make. And in Every. Last. dry spell, there has been a palpable emptiness in my life and a recognition that I wasn't operating in a whole, full way.

And so alas, the spirit of 'create what you need' led to the formation of Make.  If you find yourself needing a committed creative practice but struggle to nail it down, I'd love to welcome you in.  xx 


If having a structured creative time each week appeals to you but it's difficult to show-up consistently - Make is right for you.  

If you can free up your Wednesday evenings for a couple of hours (even if it takes negotiating, finagling, bribing, or sneaking the time) - Make is right for you.  

If you want a place to be quiet & just make alongside the collective energy of others doing the same - this group is right for you.

If you want to creatively explore who you are through the lens of Art Therapy or seek feedback from others in an artful way - Make is right for you.

And finally, if you can already picture, down in your guts & bones, the version of you working away creatively, headphones in, mind & hands alight with creative energy - Make is right for you. 

Let's face it, none of us really need more fancy art stuff to 'prep' for our next project... 😬  WE SIMPLY NEED TIME TO MAKE & THE COMMITMENT TO STICK WITH IT.

Pencil Us In




Online studio-time every Wednesday 4-6pm PST/7-9 pm EST

  • Make alongside the collective energy of other creatives
  • Engage in the extensive collection of Art Therapy workshops, used anytime to deepen personal growth & insight
  • Listen to thought-provoking audio-books & podcasts during our collective making time
  • Explore library collection of book suggestions, articles, movies, podcasts, & talks that spark creative thinking & inspiration
  • Discuss your thoughts & reflections with other creatives (if desired)
  • Share your work for feedback in our private FB group
  • Feel relieved & renewed with consistent creative time built-into your life
JOIN MAKE WAITLIST (re-opens March 2023)