21st Century Adulthood Suffocates

 Artful, Unscripted Living

It just does.  And the hustle that creeps into the everyday leaves little room for making.

Despite the gnawing emptiness left in the wake of a too-busy life, cultivating artful living is an undeniable challenge.

Which is why MAKE was founded - an online art group designed to ensure weekly creative practice.

MAKE invites you to bring yourself & your making supplies; that's it. Come frazzled or fine, inspired or empty, chatty or shy.

Because often all we need is a bit of accountability & a ready-made creative space.

Calm the mental noise

so that artful living emerges. 

a personal-work program for Creatives


Designed by a long-time Maker & Psychotherapist,  Wherever I Go, Here I Am is a deep-dive program for Creatives who struggle with ruminating thoughts, old skeletons, or lingering sadness.  This 6-module, self-paced course provides a roadmap for understanding your history, your unique brain wiring, & your attachment style so that closure is found & creative energy emerges.

online art class


  • Freeing up mental energy so that creativity is consistent. 
  • Better understanding experiences that continue to haunt the mind.
  • Understanding your unique brain wiring. 
  • Identifying your attachment style & how this effects your relationships.
  • Crafting an intentional plan for the change you desire.
  • Feeling supported as you explore the depths of who you are.
  • Freeing your heart so that wonder & awe are more consistently available.

Welcome To Your Online Art Community

Welcome to your online community, Make

An Examined Life Is

A Life Worth Living.

Join a self-paced program designed to clear mental cobwebs so that creativity, fresh ideas & artful living emerge.



on who you are, what has wired your brain, & where you want to be.

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the parts of your life that feel muddy & out of alignment with your desires & values.

ceramic masks


creative energy as you let go & move forward with greater mental ease.

Wherever I Go, Here I Am:

program roadmap

art palette

Determine your current emotional baseline - from the big, painful stuff down to what just feels "off" in life.


Identify key relationships & events that have effected your life on a deep level, even if you're still unsure of how or why.

notebook and pen

Figure out specifically what gets in the way of your growth & identify the negative beliefs holding you hostage.  


Tap into your inherent strengths & resilience + Gain specific clarity around aligning your life around your core values.


Learn new skills to improve relationships & communication for relief from pain & hurt.  Increase creative availability.

speech bubble

Finalize the beautiful goals & action-steps you've mapped out + Feel supported as you practice new ways of being.

It’s Time To Make Room For Wonder & Awe. 

Deep-dive into the parts of your mental landscape that need resolution, and return to your art practice with greater peace-of-mind and renewed creative energy. 


How It Works



Sign Up For The Program.

Once you’ve signed up, you'll have immediate access to the entire course in the online portal and can begin working at your own pace.



Work Through the 6-Modules at Your Own Pace.

Take your time as you work through the layers of the program.  There are video lessons and workbooks throughout, all designed to provide deeper understanding of who you are and where you desire to be.  Email communication with Kathryn throughout as you process & work through the modules.

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Gather online for a Live

 Workshop Experience.

Twice yearly, we gather together for a live deep-dive, experiential workshop where we will process your program experience and create a roadmap for your creative goals.  You are always welcome to these lives, no matter when you purchased the course.


Welcome to

Wherever I Go, Here I Am.

I'm Kathryn Snell-Ryan, a Maker, a Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Registered Art Therapist, mother of two, and sincere encourager of living well.  I've been a therapist for 20 years, treating adult depression, anxiety, trauma, and existential crisis. And I've been a creative Maker of ceramic goods and strange drawings going back to my teens.  

At this stage in my professional and personal life, I am completely committed to maintaining my own creative practice and helping other Creatives do the same.  For so many years of adulthood, between the endless demands of parenting and earning a living, my art practice took a major back seat; sometimes to the point of non-existence.  And so alas, what I've found us Creatives need in order to remain connected to our artwork in adulthood are two important components: a clear enough emotional life and time.  

This program is designed to address getting our emotional lives in greater balance and perspective.  And my creative membership, MAKE, addresses the simple need for time.  Between these two endeavors, hundreds of creatives have confronted the emotional ghosts that need attention and have returned to much-needed weekly creative practice.  I'm so glad you're here amongst us and please email me for any additional support along the way.  âť¤ď¸Ź



Welcome to


Hello! I'm Kathryn… I’m not quite sure about your dreamy visions, but most of mine include some version of the maker part of me.  It's here I notice small and strange beauties, where I really see.  I'm wearing messy studio clothes, mind wandering, sketches laid out, marks clear & confident.  I am lost in the very best way.

This dreamy version of me does exist, but for way longer than I'd care to admit - hardly ever.  Despite falling in love with making in my teens, an undergrad degree in Fine Arts, and graduating with a Master’s in Art Therapy from one of the most prestigious art schools in the nation - adulting went on to squeeze the creative life blood out of me.  

And so alas, the spirit of 'create what you need' led to the formation of MAKE.  If you find yourself needing a committed creative practice but struggle to nail it down, I'd love to welcome you in.


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this is Right For You if...

  • Your mind feels like an overactive hamster wheel struggling to find the mental space for clarity or wonder.
  • You dearly want to understand & deal with your baggage so that life opens up & creativity returns.
  • You're looking to better understand how your life experiences have shaped your brain wiring & behaviors.
  • And finally - if you can already picture, down in your guts & bones, the version of you living life aligned with what truly most matters most.

Let's face it - life is short, messy, beautiful and WAY more interesting when our minds are calm enough to seek curiosity & play.  đź¤Ť

Wherever I Go, Here I Am: 

Make membership portal and workbooks

Wherever I Go, Here I Am 

Two-Payment Plan


• 6-Module In-depth Program
• Video Lessons Throughout
• Professional Workbooks in each Module 
• Email Support/Processing With Kathryn
• Program culminates with a Live Experiential Workshop


Wherever I Go, Here I Am 

Single Payment


• 6-Module In-depth Program
• Video Lessons Throughout
• Professional Workbooks in each Module 
• Email Support/Processing With Kathryn
• Program culminates with a Live Experiential Workshop