Prioritizing Creativity Even When...

Feb 15, 2023
Online Crafting Group

If you're a creative-type: a maker, a tinkerer, a crafter, an artist, then you know - down in your guts and bones - that making needs to happen.  Even if it's been weeks, months, years since your last juicy, beautiful project reached completion you STILL know you should be making.  Why? 

Well, because creativity is simply a part of your constitution, an aspect of what makes you whole, a piece of the puzzle when it comes to your unique set of needs.   When you're a person who's bent toward making, there is an emptiness when artful gestures run dry. 

Committing to a creative practice can be absolutely life changing.  Even if we're talking 10 minutes a day - squeezing in a quick sketch or a few minutes of knitting - our brains and hearts know we're engaged in artful living.  It's like meditation on many levels -   it doesn't take much to tap into a place that calms and satisfies our chaotic, busy minds.  

If you're anything like me, life railroads most attempts to commit to consistent creative time.  Working, parenting, pet-loving, cleaning, doom scrolling…. everything else seems to take precedence.  It's hard to get to the art table regularly.    

 So if you're a person who yearns for creative practice but struggles to make it happen, perhaps it’s time to check out Make - an online home for weekly creative practice, artful listening, & personal growth.